Brown Eagle Spa


Let Go of Stress, Tension and Pain

at Brown Eagle Day Spa.

Come enjoy a Luxurious Massage, Facial, Lymph Drainage or Foot Reflexology session with our North Carolina licensed and Certified Therapists.  Or get a hair cut, color or perm in Dottie’s Hair Salon inside Brown Eagle Spa.

We are dedicated to supporting you in relaxation and wellbeing.  Expect to see and feel immediate results from our Medical Spa Therapies.  They are designed to maximize inner vitality, ease of movement, and support radiant skin.

We are located at

4814 Highway 107 N, Glenville,

North Carolina   28736

We are on Lake Glenville,

Just Six miles from the Cashiers Crossroads

Direct lines to each specialty:

Call for Massages:   828-508-3677

Call Allison for Bellanina Facelift Massage and pamper packages: 864-420-4010

Call Dottie for Hair:  828-743-4365

We are open Monday through Saturday

by appointment year round

Massage & Spa Treatments can:

* reduce stress   * decrease inflammation

* detoxify the muscles and reduce soreness after sports and hiking

* increase circulation and lymphatic drainage

* release chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain

See our page on Bellanina for details on these premier toning facials.

Choose from these Massage styles:

Ask your therapist for the style that you want.

Swedish massage is a gentle style with long, smooth strokes which calm the body and nervous system.

Deep Tissue Massage and Medical Massage are firm styles of massage using specific integrative techniques to release stiff joints, muscle spasms, and scar tissue. We work with local MD’s and Chiropractors.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is gentle and helps reduce swelling in the tissues.

Reflexology is an ancient method of using finger pressure on specific points on the feet and hands to reduce pain and enhance relaxation.

Reiki is the gentlest style, using an ancient Japanese laying on of hands over clothes or on the skin to balance the body and relax and rejuvenate you. 


          Welcome to the Mountains